The Spring Hillbillies are more of an idea than a band.
This is a musical concept of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist
Mike Brozovich.Mike returns to the roots of American music
(folk, bluegrass, blues) while yearning for a simpler lifestyle.

In addition to playing the part of Buster Hatfield on guitar and vocals,
Mike also assumed the roles of Bill Hilly on banjo, Jailhouse
Fingers Magee on mandolin, Blind Dog Jones on slide guitar
and Cell Phoe Louie on bass.

There are 14 original songs on the debut album. These songs are
played in a traditional acoustic style that reflect the modern times in which
we live. Listening to this cd is like sitting on a back porch with a long
lost friend. The music may appeal to fans of Yonder Mountain String
Band, or the acoustic works of Jerry Garcia and Hot Tuna.

Mike is an experienced musician who has played the Pittsburgh tri-state
area in bands such as Mahajibee, The Fire Marshalls, and a stage
version of The Spring Hillbillies. Mike looks forward to recording
his next album, as well as performing live shows.










 copyright 2011 The Spring Hillbillies